Meeting Today’s Demands With Yesterday’s Quality


Times have changed. Generally speaking, you won’t find us complaining about that at all  😉  The inter connectivity, access to information and insane increase in possibility/sheer potential provided by tech advancement are indispensable.  It’s an exciting and pivotal time for us to be an infant company.  The way business is conducted is constantly being updated and innovated.  The rules of business are being daily redefined and “disturbed”.  We think that’s pretty cool.

One thing we do miss in today’s business practices- quality of service standards.  Surely we can all relate:  Those long, anti-productive, automated talks with any corporate giant’s complaint/resolution center are enough to make the most patient among us give up on understanding those latest mystery charges.  Disinterested, rude responses from lunch line cashiers and store clerks raise (and should raise) the hair on the back of every working persons neck.  Complaints met with excuses or even worse, accusations, disgust clients and coworkers alike.

Poor service shouldn’t be a necessary evil of conducting regular business.  It used to be that poor service standards were a major no go for any self respecting business.  Poor service unchecked meant loss of business.  Period.  Yesterday’s customer service was about attention to quality, genuine smiles, taking the time to listen and naturally going the extra mile.

That’s the type of service we value and will continually provide.  Life is full enough of the unexpected and unknown. With us, you can absolutely expect quality service.  We wear our real smiles.  We focus on the tasks and issues at hand.  We  listen when you speak and respond effectively.  That’s how we like it and that’s how it will stay 🙂

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