10 Things We’ve Learned Since Last October


People are amazing.  We were previously aware of this but are daily reminded.  It’s a gift to meet, affect, and be affected by so many different, awesome individuals.

We are so very capable.  Not just we at Sullivan Cleaning LLC but we as humans.  It’s a blessing to decide what you will do, follow through, and experience it working.

Paper work kills.  There is nothing less inviting than a stack of paper work to be filed, completed, whatever after a long day’s work. #necessaryevil

Nothing is more valuable than family.  We are family owned and operated.  There have been ups and downs we never considered.  Our outlook roughly seven months in:  Family is forever.  Business is one of many adventures.  Family first.

Forget about bleach.  Bleach is yesteryear’s cleaner.  Laundry, yes.  Most cleaning tasks, absolutely not.  Forget about bleach.

Some things are free.  We’ve all heard it said that nothing is free.  While we understand and generally agree with that statement, it’s not entirely true.  Much of our operation involves the use of completely free resources.  Effort has been our most valuable, 100% free, resource.

Keep showing up.  Things do get stressful.  There are an immeasurable amount of unknowns.  That’s okay.  Show up committed and prepared.  Repeat daily.  It works.

Pay a professional.  There’s no way to excellently manage all aspects of a growing business by yourself.  Save precious time and money by entrusting some of the things you’re not an expert at to professionals who are.

Take a day or two off.  Recharge.  Doing is great.  Succeeding is important.  Mental, physical, and spiritual health are priceless.

Eyes on the prize.  Business like life is full of hurdles, pressure, and distraction.  Stay focused.  Remember your goal.  Remember your plan.  When (not if) you fall, get up.

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