Live More. Work Less. (CONTEST)


You work all of the time.  If you’re like us, those of you who have no “job” probably still work all the time.  Our careers, projects, obligations, and chores take up the bulk of each day.  But all work and no play  leaves us grumpy, disconnected and exhausted.

Even as a new business we take measures to ensure our members’ work/life balances remain healthy.  We don’t take business calls, answer business emails or reply to estimate requests on Sundays.  We try not to bog down our Saturdays.  We say no when we have to instead of trying to squeeze things in which could compromise the quality of our work or stretch our members too thin.

What things do YOU do to maintain your healthy work/life balance?  New Clients, share your best tips and advice with us for a chance to win 20% off on a deep or one-time cleanRecurring clients, share your best tips and advice for a chance to win the add-on of your choice 100% free of charge.

The Rules:
Like our Facebook Page
Share your Healthy Work/Life Balance tips and advice by April 30th of 2016. You can enter your tips by commenting on this post or comment on the post when you see it on Facebook.
*1 Entry per person.
*We’ll share each of your answers on our Facebook page, pick the one we like best, and announce the winner on May 1st.

Until then learn about us and our services, browse through our blog entries, or contact us with your interest and questions.


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