Spring Into Clean


Spring is right around the corner.

Have no fear.  We can help make it a joyful, stress free transition for your entire household.   Save 15% off your total cost when you book a date for your spring clean by 2/29/16.  Let me clarify…you don’t have to get your clean done by the end of February but you have to have it booked by the 29th if you want the savings (get your free estimate by filling out the simple residential form…type Spring Clean in the “description box”).  But, what’s involved in a spring clean?  Great question!

-Washing all baseboards, doors, window sills and spot washing walls
-Dusting all blinds
-Shining and dusting all overhead lights
-Dusting light fixtures and vacuuming lamp shades
-Replacing burnt out light bulbs (you supply the bulbs)
-Dusting and washing all mirrors
-Dusting all furniture, frames, decorative items and fixtures
-Polishing furniture
-Vacuuming all carpets
-Hand washing all hard flooring
-Vacuuming all upholstery
-Washing all inside windows
-Washing and vacuuming vents
-Changing batteries in all smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors
(you supply batteries)
-Disinfecting all computer keyboards and mouse
-Washing all cabinets
-Deep cleaning oven
-Mopping and vacuuming behind fridge
-Deep cleaning fridges
-Cleaning and disinfecting showers and tubs
-Washing bath mats
-Washing all bedding
-Flipping or rotating mattresses
-Sweeping front and back patios or porches

-Washing and/or replacing shower liners and curtains (you supply replacements)
-Cleaning out pantry
-Vacuuming coils on fridges
-Washing all decorative pillows and blankets
-Storing winter clothes and decorations
-Hauling unwanted clothes or items to Goodwill
-Lawn Care (your choice: mow, weed eat, trim hedges, rake/blow leaves, yard clean up, garden maintenance)

**Larger homes may take two days to perform this detailed clean.  We’ll try to schedule these on Saturday-Sunday or Sunday-Monday.

Enjoy free deep clean, commercial and residential estimates 🙂

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