It’s The Most Wonderful Time…


Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Be safe.  Be kind to one another.  Remember that your friends, family, loved ones & health are the real gifts.

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Prepared to Serve You Better

bondedWe’re officially bonded and insured!  We are beyond excited and eager to take on your toughest cleaning and lawn care jobs.

We plan to  continue growing our residential service and develop a strong commercial client base.  Our focus?   Excellence!  We will provide the best clean and the absolute best customer service to our clients!

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Don’t Panic. Declutter!

declutterDecluttering – The process of sorting through and removing unsightly or undesirable accumulations of papers, toys, files, boxes, or miscellaneous objects.

Decluttering is one of our add-ons.  The process involves figuring out what you’d like to keep and where it should be kept.  Some things will need to be stored.  Excessive paperwork may need to be shredded.  Things may need to be cleaned and found a spot.  Some stuff may need to be shipped to family members and loved ones.  Some will get donated.  You may want to sell some of the clutter.  Some will get tossed.

This process generally takes place within a specified area (attic, garage, office, basement, living room, etc.) for a period of 2-3 hours.  Small time blocks and working one space at a time helps ensure maximum progress and prevents exhaustion.

Basically decluttering is a good thing, but the very thought of it gives most people anxiety.  We’d like to share a little about the process in order to ease those anxieties:

STEP 1:  We meet.  It’ll all begin with a phone call, message or email from you.  Next we’ll meet in order to assess your needs.  That process will take 15-20 minutes.  In that time, we’ll take a look at your space, talk to you about the areas you deem problematic and the results you’d like to see.  Please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about your clutter.  Clutter happens to everyone, even us.  We will not judge.

STEP 2:  Decluttering.  This may occur at a separately scheduled time or can begin after we assess your needs and agree on pricing.  At this point, we’ll be working side by side with you; taking direction from you as to what things need saved, moved, tossed, shipped, or shredded.

That’s it!  Pretty simple and not nearly as painful or excruciating as we tend to imagine.  Contact us if you’d like any space decluttered or if you need help sorting through your holiday clutter.

Declutter before your deep clean to get your business or home its cleanest!

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