This week we want to hear from you.  We’re full of questions and who better to answer them than you?  Find our top 4 questions below.  Comment with your answers on this blog or when you see the post on Facebook.  We know surveys are a hassle and we appreciate you.  That’s why we’d like to give one free basic clean (applicable to home or business) to whichever person gives us the most valuable insight.  The rules are easy: 1. Answer all four questions. 2. Like our Facebook Page.  3. Tell us the truth .  We wouldn’t ask if we didn’t honestly want to know.

Thank You on Red Tags Hanging on a Line in the Snow

How have your cleaners or housekeepers failed you in the past?

What are your cleanliness pet peeves?

Have your cleaners or housekeepers ever behaved in ways that made you uncomfortable or were flatly inappropriate?  If so, please explain.

What are your actual expectations when you hire a professional cleaning service?  This answer can touch on anything from appearance and etiquette to equipment and method.


In the mean time, get to know us. Get familiar with our services. Get a free estimate commercial or residential estimate or contact us to schedule your 20%0ff deep clean (valid until 1/9/16).


10 thoughts on “PLEASE and THANK YOU

  1. 1. Housekeepers have failed me in the past by focusing on what they want to clean instead of what I want them to focus on. Also, it seems like the longer you have a housekeeper, the less they do. It’s as if they get comfortable and don’t see all the things that need to be done.
    2. Cleanliness pet peaves- dusting and vacuuming around objects Instead of moving them to get behind and under them. Dirty baseboards and corners.
    3. Once, I had a housekeeper that took the liberty to get my family pictures out of the envelope and look through them. She even told me how much she loved the pictures. Total invasion of privacy.
    4. My expectations for a housekeeper have nothing to do with their appearance. What I want is to have someone that can do a good job Consistently, without having to be told step by step what they need to do. I also want to be able to trust the person that is in my home.

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    • Tyelinda. Thanks for responding and for being the first to respond. Your answers are very insightful. I can see how a cleaner could get comfortable and begin to cut corners. It’s important that we as service providers focus on the service we accept payment for and you pay us for the clean you want. I feel that we as cleaners should move light weight, non fragile items in order to vacuum thoroughly. The business or home owner could verbalize that expectation but the professional cleaner ought to do it naturally. The looking through your envelope of pictures part…WOW. That is absolutely ludicrous. Can I ask how you handled that particular situation? I like your answer to question #4 because it’s very difficult and essentially pointless to focus on looking cute if your intent is to really clean. We always cover ourselves obviously but will show up with no make up on, in comfortable clothes and ready to get our sweat on. Thank you, thank you, thank you again for taking time out of your day to help us understand what YOU really want and expect from your professional cleaner. Please like our Facebook page so that you’re eligible for our free Basic clean.

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    • Hi Tyelinda! It’s December 4th and we choose you as the recipient of our FREE BASIC CLEAN! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. Contact us at your convenience 405.633.1132 to schedule your clean. Thanks again!!!!


  2. I have been failed in the past by my cleaners becauseni feel they were so quick to wont do to sit and listen to me and what i was wanting to get out of them. Communication is key and when the first thing you do is abruptly tell your client all the NOs instead of listening to them and their requests then telling them what will and will not work and why. It is easy for the customer to hermit themselves and no longer be informative sense we now feel like everything is a no. So i guess communication and a listening ear.

    Pet peeves and corner cutting. Mainly because I have 2 small children one in which puts everything in his mouth. So moving things to sweep and vaccum.

    Innopropriate cleaners. I mean i have only tried one and i just felt since it was new to the game and still learning what to expect from the experiance i felt constantly talked down to. I do not mind being told “no i do not do that. Or that is not a service we offer” but do it in a manner whne ur customer does not feel uncomfortable.

    Expectation : i do not care if you use fancy tools or elbow grease and a sponge. Being a full time mom wife and supervisor at work is stressful. As any mom will know juggling life is hard. I feel the place i fail is the cleaning . All moms feel life would be easier with a few extra ands and a few extra hours in the day. It would be nice to find those hands and have a consistant place that i can call that take pride in their work and that i can trust.

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

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    • Hi Erin! Thank you so much for giving us your honest answers. Feedback is one of our most valuable assets and it means the world to us that you took your time to share with us. Like our Facebook Page for your chance to win our free basic clean!

      I loved your answer on the expectations. Being a Parent is hard. In fact, pretty much everything is hard in one way or another. When you find a reliable cleaner…they’ve made that choice purposefully and thoughtfully. They have chosen over and over, no matter how hard it is to show up for you and do their best…no excuses. We make that choice over and over again; with each client, at every job, before we head out. I think everyone should expect that from service professionals.

      To move on…Communication is key. We are always interested in how we can make our clients feel comfortable enough to tell us what they want us to know. We also want our clients to be able to critique us and trust that we’re going to receive that information because we really do care. And, we absolutely hate to say no…almost to a fault. Our goal is to find an effective solution to any cleaning issue you may have. Listening is absolutely critical when it comes to problem solving. I wish I could say that I or even we as a company are perfect listeners. The truth is, there’s always room for improvement.

      No one appreciates a corner cutter. Cleaners can begin to feel under the gun of their schedules and try to save a few minutes here or there. That’s all bad. Corner cutting never got anyone called back or helped to build lasting relationships. We like to challenge ourselves to NEVER cut corners. We’d rather implement thorough, time efficient methods that leave you wholly satisfied. We want lasting clients. We want to be synonymous with reliability, consistency and quality, not corner cutting!

      As for service providers talking down to their clients, we do not in any way condone that type of behavior. No one has the right to “talk down” to anyone. It’s obviously ineffective and offensive. We tend to take a different approach. We flat out admit that we do not know everything. We’re still learning. We always want to be still learning. We like our clients to inform us. Tell us about effective methods and products. Tell us what doesn’t work. We do not and will not talk down to our clients. They are the reason we are and we try to remain mindful of that.

      Thanks again for your feedback. We’d value an opportunity to meet your current and future cleaning needs and regardless of whether that ever happens, we hope you have much better luck if you decide to give cleaning services another try. Thanks for entering the contest and Best Regards!!!

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  4. 1) How has your housekeeper failed you in the past? A couple of times things were just missed such as a bathtub or sink, or I wasn’t told when l was running low of cleaning supplies. It boils down to communicating with me what they need and not feeling as though I was on the same level as other clients since my space was smaller and not needed as often.

    2) My cleanliness pet peeve – is the same as above. If something is missed more than once.

    3.) I have never had an instance were I felt anything was inappropriate.

    4.) My expectation is just a clear understanding for both parties such as who is taking care of the supplies, things I can do to make your job easier, etc. and of course a feeling of cleanliness 🙂

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  5. Hi Kendra…Thanks so much for answering our top four questions!
    1.To start things off communication IS key. It’s best if both parties are great communicators. Missing and skipping over things is bad form. While we would not skip any cleaning task on purpose, we’re not above forgetting (unfortunately). If we do forget something, we’d prefer the client feel comfortable to address us and make us aware so we can be mindful and attentive moving forward. As far as your being treated differently because your space is smaller…Horrendous Behavior. It’s important to us to treat each and every one of our clients, regardless of the size of their home/business or their financial standing or their position within the community, excellently. There are no exceptions.
    2. Don’t miss something more than once. Another way to prevent this from happening is proper training within the cleaning company. I will say that turning cleaning into a business has opened our eyes to what clean really is. We consist of six individuals who have always cleaned our homes and offices but professional cleaning is different. The expectation is higher and it’s absolutely critical to our business to meet those expectations.
    3. It’s good to know that you’ve never been made to feel uncomfortable by a cleaning service 🙂
    4. I love your #4. It is critical that we and our clients each have a clear understanding of what’s to be done, what’s expected, what each one can do to aid the other, who’s responsible for supplies, etc. It stands out to us that you would even want to know what you could do to make our job easier. And, that type of approach alone makes our job easier.
    Again, thanks for taking the time to give us honest, detailed answers. It’s so valuable to hear straight from you! We will announce the winner of our FREE BASIC CLEAN on the 4th of December. If you haven’t like us on Facebook yet, please do:
    Regardless of who wins the basic clean, we’d love to gain your business and hope you’ll consider us for your current and future cleaning needs both at home and at the office!


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